10 Interesting Facts About Mother’s Day

mother's day

 We wanted to compile interesting information about Mother's day, a special day between children and their mothers, from different countries around the world. Let's see what is unknown about this important day?

Worldwide Facts About Mother’s Day

1. Did you know that there are over 2.5 billion mothers all over the world? Unfortunately, the number of girls who become mothers at a very young age is also very high.
2. The day with the most phone calls in the world, especially in England, is Mother's Day.
3. Mother's Day is celebrated on different days in different countries of the world. In the UK - in March, Spain, France, Germany and many other countries - in May. In Thailand, Mother's Day is always celebrated on Queen Sirikit's birthday in August;)

4. In 2017, US $ 23 billion was spent on Mother's Day gifts in the USA!

5. About 30 million postcards are sent each year for Mother's Day in Great Britain - can you imagine how high this number is all over the world? It is stated that 65 percent of all wish cards were purchased five days before Mother's Day. In fact, you can prepare a card yourself at home for your mother.

6. The average cost of a gift to a mother varies by country. For example, a year ago it was estimated that the US allocated $ 186 for gifts, Canada - 84 CAD, France about 53 EUR, and the UK - 30 pounds. This can vary according to everyone's budget.

7. According to the surveys, the most favorite gifts of the mothers in general are: 1. Flowers, 2. Jewelry and 3. Sweets.

8.  It is estimated that men spend about 35 percent more than women to buy gifts for their mothers. It is not without reason why people say "mother's son" :)

9. In the vast majority of languages all over the world, the word "mother" begins with the letter "m". Like Mother, Mama, Mom, Mutter.

10. Mother's Day is the third most famous festival in the world, after Christmas and Easter.

How do you celebrate Mother's Day?

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We wish all mothers lots of laughter and joy with their children and good moments spent together. And of course a lot of health!

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