5 Tips To Stop Losing Keys On The Morning.

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Today's people have to do everything in a short time. We always have to catch up and do a lot of work in a day. It is getting harder and harder for people to concentrate when there is little time and more work to be done. One of the most negative effects of concentration weakness is forgetfulness. In addition to many things to think about when we leave the house in the morning, there are also many things to take with us. Do you know what people forget or lose the most when they leave home in the morning? Keys !!!

Yes, you did not read it wrong. In the morning haste, we cannot find our keys, or we forget it on the door and leave the house. The problem of searching and not being able to find the key that has happened to almost every person. Other most lost items are our belongings such as television remote control, glasses, wallets.
The least forgotten item is mobile phones. Probably one of our most important items is our mobile phones :)

It takes 2.5 days a year to search for lost items. Of course, there is also a financial loss of losing things outside of time. So is there no way to prevent this? What is the best way to find your keys? We would like to tell you 5 ways to prevent you from losing your keys.

Spare key
Storing a spare key somewhere in the house or in the garden will save you time in the morning, searching for keys. Of course, you should consider the location of the key that you will keep in the garden or patio against thieves :)

Fixing the key
Fastening your key with a chain to your bag. So you don't have to take it out of your bag and drop it somewhere else. Of course, in this case, you should not forget your bag anywhere :)

Leaving a spare key to your neighbor.
If you have a neighbor near you that you can reach immediately, you can leave a spare key and in case of trouble, you can get that key immediately.

Carry like a necklace around your neck
Carrying the key around their neck with a chain or band is a method that is the least practical among the solutions we will suggest, but is used by many people. It is a method that can be applied especially if you need to open different doors in the office where you work.

rinex key finder
Using Smart Tracker
In fact, the most reliable and comfortable key finding method compared to the simple methods in other items is to use a key finder and smart tracker.
You can find your keys in seconds thanks to this method used with a tiny smart tracker like a keychain and the app you will download to your phone.
In the 4 methods we recommend, if you cannot find the key you lost later, you will feel insecure and you will have to change your lock as a result. However, when using a smart tracker, the location of your key is absolutely determined. So you wouldn't be afraid if someone else found my lost key.

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