Activities To Do With Kids During Corona Isolation

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People are going through hard times. The Coronavirus, COVİD-19 has spread to many countries since it appeared in Wuhan, China, and continues to spread.

Schools have been on holiday in many countries around the world. Of course, schoolchildren of all ages likely had to close home. Sometimes with mothers, sometimes with fathers or other family members. Grandma and grandpa are not an option now, because they are in a dangerous age group for corona.

Many parents choose to work from home if is possible. It is not at all easy to keep children of primary school age at home for days and weeks. As Rinex Smart Tracker team, we wanted to make some suggestions for you to spend quality time with them so that they do not get bored and create a restless environment at home.

Daily school program

Study school assignments daily or let them study alone. Take a certain amount of time every day so that they do not break with the school.
Activities you can do with children at home:

Go Outdoors

Of course, this is only possible in places close to nature where there are not many people. At least if your house has a garden or balcony, make sure that children get fresh air every day. Remember that fresh air is also very useful for the health and immune system.

Read a book

If you do not have enough books in your home, you can download e-books so that children can read them. It is possible to find beautiful children's books suitable for children of all ages. Some countries have free entry to public libraries via the internet.

Draw a picture

Draw colorful, cheerful pictures, whether alone or together. This will be good for you too. You can find out very much information about your kid's feelings via their paintings.

Play community games

You can play card games, chess, monopoly and so on in hundreds of possibilities and have a good time with the family.

Exercise at home

You can also exercise at home with your children. Thus, both you and they will not be immobile and you will have a healthy activity.

Soap bubbles

If you have younger children, you can make soap bubbles on the glass or balcony.

Make cakes or cookies

Children enjoy spending time in the kitchen. You can make cookies with them using easy recipes and ingredients, using various molds. Making cakes is also very easy.

Sing and dance

You don't have to have the sound of a pop star or be a dancing star for this. Just open the music and call and dance with your children. You will soon realize that all the negative energy has left you and you are happy.

The ball can be played in the garden in the open air if there is a swing. If your space is too narrow or there is a small playground on the balcony, your children can have fun for a long time with games like hula hoop or jump rope.

As Rinex Smart Tracker, it is very important for us to have a safe and happy day to overcome this crisis period. By staying positive, we can overcome difficulties. Stay happy and healthy.

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