Do Your Kids Keep Losing Their Belongings at School?

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Do Your Kids Keep Losing Their Items at School? Here are some tips that will make your life easier. Practical solutions will not be lost items. Let’s start with some practical finder locator solutions to help our children keep better tracker for their items.

Set reminders based on their schedule

Talk to your children about their daily schedule and point out important actions to take throughout the day, such as putting their lunchbox back into their backpack after their lunch period, putting their clothes in their backpack after a swim lesson, and keeping track of their water bottle throughout the day. You should also ask them to double-check that they have all their belongings before they leave school or camp at the end of the day. If you want to take it a step further, put a checklist above their backpacks or even just inside it, to remind them of what goes inside before leaving.

Forming these habits based on a consistent routine can be very effective and used in so many other situations down the road.

Give Them Natural Consequences for Losing their Items

You’ll also want to make sure there’s a natural consequence for losing something, otherwise, they’ll be able to continue leaning on you to take care of lost items, and will never learn to handle the responsibility on their own. Examples of natural consequences are having to replace an item with their own money, missing a playdate to go with you to buy the replacement item, or simply going without a coat and getting cold if they’ve lost their new one.

Prompt them with specific questions.

Yes, our parents are known to nag, but it is necessary at times. Be proactive by asking them questions based on the checklist you created. “Do you have your hat and sunglasses for the day? Don’t forget to put them in your backpack when you’re not using them.” Eventually, they will hear your questions enough they will come up with them on their own.

Another thing to do instead of just telling your child how to keep track of their possessions is to also ask them what they think would help them to not lose their things. Then the two of you can come up with a plan for keeping up with their belongings.

Explain Value to Your Child

When a child can understand the value, they might come to appreciate what they have and therefore keep up with their belongings better. A great way to teach this concept is to play games where they buy things with pretend money.

Suzie says: “This can be very useful with young children, because they start building up this idea of value, and that to get something, you have to give something.”

What if They’ve Already Lost Something?

Stop by the classroom in the morning and check the lost item and found. Then, check the grade level lost and found, If you still have no luck, then check the school lost and found. Yes, most of the schools I have taught at had lost and found areas in all 3 places.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for and this happens regularly, then it might be time to invest in a tracking device that you can attach to certain items.

Get Finder Locator for Lost Items

A finder locator is a small item that you can attach to virtually anything - from car keys, cell phones, and wallets, to jackets and backpacks. A

tracker for items has a tracking device inside it, which can be accessed through a phone app. Whether it’s through you or your child’s phone, a finder locator could really help you track down those lost keys or jackets. To help you get started on where to look for one, we’ve put together a list here of some of the finder locator devices out there.

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finder locator

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