How Can A Bluetooth Tracker Help Kids With ADHD?


What if my child loses their belongings?
Tips for forgetfulness. Clear rules and limits for ADHD.

Does your child with ADHD lose their belongings often? How can a Bluetooth Tracker Help with it?

Children with ADHD are little slobs who find their way around life better if they are given reliable structures. Because of their ADHD - in addition to an infinite amount of patience - they need a regular daily routine with fixed meals, a predetermined bedtime, and other fixed points such as B. going to kindergarten in the morning or going to the playground in the afternoon. The child's duties should also be incorporated. Introduce certain tasks to be completed at set times, such as cleaning up before lunch and dinner.

A tip: Children with ADHD often find it difficult to deal with unforeseen changes in their daily routine and then react stubbornly. If possible, announce changes as early as possible and repeatedly.

An orderly environment, including a child's room that is as tidy as possible, in which it is better to have too few than too many toys, helps children with ADHD to concentrate better on a game and to stay focused longer. In a cramped nursery, it would be distracted by the multitude of stimuli.

Do not set too many boundaries that your impulsive and often forgetful child cannot possibly keep. Only regulate the things that are most important to you and make sure that these few, important rules and limits are actually strictly adhered to. This is very exhausting for you as a parent, but the only really promising method for children with ADHD. The top principle in ADHD when rules or limits are violated: Act instead of talking! Instead of admonishing your child several times, go to him immediately after repeating the prompt and make sure that your child does what is advised. For example, hold your child's hand when they “don't know” how to put away their shoes or picture books.

Take the toy from him that he has just forcibly snatched from another child or thrown around the room. If they keep annoying or beating their siblings, incessantly bothering them, or talking like a waterfall while you are on the phone, they have to leave the room for a break. Take your child out in a friendly but clear and firm manner or, if necessary, carry them out if they cannot do so voluntarily. Then it should stay in its room for as many minutes as it is years old. If it continues to rage and scream there, however, it should remain alone until it has calmed down again.

Make their life easier

bluetooth tracker

 For example, if your kids have to keep the house key, secure it with a Bluetooth anti-lost device so that your child does not have to worry about this. This works in combination with a key tracker app. So you are in control and your child has less stress. You can also use a lost item tracker for  their school bag.

 A tip: You can - depending on your child's wishes - design one or more of your own "reward pictures" to color in or stick in dots or draw from a coloring book or a template for window pictures. Well, suited are e.g. B. also the following motifs: snake, caterpillar, train (with many wagons), mother goose with chicks in single file, etc.

Give the reward point immediately after successfully completing a task! For children with ADHD under three years of age, it makes more sense to reward the prompts they have followed with a little something (read a book, extra playtime).

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