How  don't lost your keys or wallets and  usefully spend a week of New Year holidays

holiday season

The first days of the year give rise and mood for all subsequent months. No wonder they say: "As you celebrate the New Year, so spend it." Therefore, we have prepared a review of the most useful New Year's activities, which will not let you get bored and will help to spend your holidays with benefit.

All into the forest

And, of course, during the holidays you must definitely get out into the countryside! If there is a country house or cottage, the best unloading after feasts is a ski trip, sledding, battles with snowballs (unless, of course, the weather has mercy and will give us at least a little snow!). Urban residents also have options - local parks and botanical gardens will present both fresh air and the joy of unity with nature. It is optimal to plan such trips in the first days of the year in order to quickly recover and build up strength to continue the holiday marathon.

On the skates!

In each city, ice rinks are already operating with might and main. And if there can be unpleasant surprises with the open ones due to the inconstancy of the weather, then the closed ones will definitely not fail. What is convenient - all sports equipment can be rented right on the spot. Fun music, physical activity, hot donut tea, and fun company: ice skating is definitely one of the best pastimes during the Christmas season. Moreover, which is especially pleasant, the skating rink unites both professionals and those who are just taking their first steps on slippery ice - the atmosphere of New Year's skating leaves no one indifferent.

The most important thing in the turmoil of all the holiday-makers is not to lose their bones or cough. To do this, there is such a gadget as key finder app, which helps to find lost things.

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