How I almost went crazy while I was looking for my keys

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Why I Needed A Key Fob Locator

Yes, I am using a key fob locator. But first of all, I want to tell you the story of how I need it.

Оne day, I was sitting with my husband at home watching a movie. We watched the film through the USB in which a plug is inserted into the TV.

The next morning, I collected the children at school and of course, I forgot that my keys with the USB were left on the TV.

Finally, it was time to leave the house and then I discovered that I could not find my keys.

I began to run like crazy around the house, looking for the keys and could not find them.

I completely forgot that I left them on the TV. This wasn’t the first time that I lose my keys. And I promised me several times: ‘‘ You will never lose your keys again‘‘

Suddenly, my youngest daughter went to the TV to pick up a toy and saw a clutch.

My happiness was not a chapel! While I was looking for the keys, different scenarios in my head broke. What would I have to do if the keys were lost? Change the door lock?

Order new car keys? Change the lock for the mailbox? It’s very disgusting to lose house keys and car keys or even any key at all 

But fortunately, this time I had luck, and I safely left the house while spending a lot of nerves and time.

Of course, I was late for work and it was unpleasant for me to stand in front of my boss and explain why I was late like a little girl!

Then my work colleague came up to me and said that I needed such a thing.

She pointed to a small keychain. This is called a key finder. It helps to look for keys and any other things that you do not remember where you left them. You can control it with an app from your smartphone.

Oh God, I thought about how much time I would save if I had such a thing.

To be safer  in the future, I made some decisions:

  • Always have a couple of extra keys to the house, mailbox, and car.
  • Do not use a USB as a keychain.
  • Also, buy a key finder ASAP. It will make your life easier.

This is the story of how I bought my key fob locator and I am happier since this day. This protects me from spending my time searching my lost house keys or car keys and I feel safer. Now I can go to my work without being late, I can make other funny things unless searching for lost items such as a book reading, going exercising or just relaxing.

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