How I almost went crazy while I was looking for my keys.

key finder

Оne day, I was sitting with my husband watching a movie. 
We watched the film through the USB in which a plug is inserted into the TV.
The next morning, I collected the children at school and of course I
forgot that my keys with the USB were left on the TV.

Finally, it was time to leave the house and then I discovered that I could not find my keys.
I began to run like crazy around the house, looking for the keys and could not find them.
I completely forgot that I left them on the TV.

Suddenly, my youngest daughter went to the TV to pick up a toy and saw a clutch.


My happiness was not a chapel!
While I was looking for the keys, different scenarios in my head broke.
What would I have to do if the keys were lost? Change the door lock?
Order a new car keys? After all, it was also with the keys to the house!
Change the lock for the mailbox?

But fortunately, this did not have to be done, and I safely left the house
while spending a lot of nerves and time.

Of course, I was late for work and it was terribly unpleasant for me
to stand in front of my boss and explain why I was late like a little girl!
Then my work colleague came up to me and said that I needed such a thing.
She pointed to a small keychain.


This is called a key finder. It helps to look for keys and any other things
that you do not remember where you left them.

Oh God, I thought about how much time I would save if I had such a thing.
As for the future, I made a decision and here are a couple of good tips:

  • Always have a couple of extra keys to the house, mailbox, and car.
  • Do not use a USB as a keychain.
  • Also, maybe buy key finder. It will make your life easier.

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