Bluetooth Tag To Fight With The Forgetfulness Of Children.

Bluetooth Tag

If children keep losing something or forget important things, the parents' nerves are strained. Many parents are faced with the fact that their children often return home having
lost items. As a rule, things often forgotten include a pencil case, boxes of food, water bottles, even home keys. How can Bluetooth Tag help? Let’s talk about the causes and helpful tips against that.

How to deal with the forgetfulness of children?

Forgetfulness and ignorance: causes

The expensive birthday present, the new wristwatch or the great football boots. The little ones were just so happy about it, but a few days later the bad news - "Mom, I lost something". In such a situation it is better to comfort the child than to increase the child's frustration with a sermon on the subject of an order. Losing something, leaving it behind, or forgetting something is quite normal, especially for children.
However, it is important to take a closer look when things like gloves, gym bags, a pencil case, home keys or even the new scooter are being fiddled with. Small children, for example, are not even aware that things that they leave or stand somewhere could disappear forever.
Children first have to learn to differentiate between important and unimportant, to concentrate on something, to be attentive, and not to forget or lose sight of certain things.

Forgetfulness is a sign of displeasure

Only when they reach kindergarten or school age are the little ones so advanced in their development that they can take care of their stuff. If they then lose something, it is often a sign that the lost item is not important to them. If they don’t like the gym class, they can easily forget the gym bag somewhere.

Then it is important to investigate the causes and ask why the child does not like doing homework so much or does not like the gym class. Shuddering is another reason why things like lunch are forgotten. Children of a young age can be distracted quickly and cannot think of so many things at the same time. To punish children for that they have forgotten or lost something is pointless. Rather, you should let them feel the consequences of their inattention.

For example, if a child repeatedly shows up in class without a pencil case and is admonished by his teacher for this, at some point he will be so embarrassed that he will keep his school supplies together.

Forgetfulness due to problems in everyday life

Forgetfulness is a sign of trouble

Sometimes, losing items is also a sign of being overwhelmed. Parents should then go through their child's schedule and, in consultation with them, eliminate activities that cause unnecessary stress. If you take the pace out of the daily routine, the child has more time to concentrate on individual things - so less is forgotten or lost. Overstimulation, clutter, and constant distraction can also contribute to children forgetting or losing things.

A cluttered desk can mean that the child cannot find their maths notebook or simply forgets part of their homework. When it is playing Lego, the television should have a break in broadcast. The possibility of being able to retreat into a room without the annoying sibling also prevents confusion and absent-mindedness. If children are constantly losing something and are unable to concentrate or can only concentrate for a very short time, this can be an indication of attention disorder (ADD).

In this case, parents should take a test, at the pediatrician. In any case, they should talk to the child about the problem: “I notice that you are losing so much. Where are you with your thoughts?  This could start a trusting conversation, in the course of which it might turn out that the child has serious worries. "Does a child suffer e.g. if they are bullying or if they are afraid that their parents might split up, things that they normally take very seriously appear to be irrelevant - and they lose or forget them.

Forgetfulness: 7 tips that will help

  • Ask your child to keep their toys, e.g. Keep an eye on your scooter or skateboard and don't leave it lying around for a long time - an opportunity makes thieves! 
  • Get your child into the habit of doing certain things, e.g. Always keep your wallet or house key in the same drawer, jacket pocket, or satchel compartment. This is how it quickly notices when something is no longer there. A big backpack is also a good idea. With a key finder with Bluetooth tag, they can then find their bag easily. 
  • Put name tags on sportswear, jackets, coats, gloves, scarves, and hats. You should stick labels with your address and landline number on the batteries of your cell phone, Walkman and Gameboy. 
  • Make sure that your child locks his bike or scooter or only leaves it where the vehicles are safe from unauthorized access. You can also use a Bluetooth tag for bikes with a small chain.
  • Make sure that your child's jacket and trouser pockets have buttons, zips or Velcro fasteners so that nothing can fall out.
  • Only give your child what they absolutely need. 
  • Involve your child in the search for lost items by letting them research home, school, or kindergarten, or by going to the lost property office with them.
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