How to deal with the forgetfulness of children.

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Many parents are faced with the fact that their children often forget their things at school. As a rule, things often forgotten include a pencil case, boxes of food, water bottles.

How to deal with this?

It must be remembered that children, especially those around 5-6 years old, are often scattered. At this age, children lack temporary memory. Therefore, they do not specifically forget things.

Children often lack the concept of personal responsibility.

Often children are not independent, because the mother collects a bag for school instead of the child or helps to do the homework. Such a child often does not know what he has in his bag at all.

Try to point out to your child the things that he takes to school. Collect the school bag together with him and if he is already 8-9 years old, teach him to collect the bag himself.

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It also helps to name things by their quantity: 1 pencil case, 1 box lunch, 4 pencils and so on.

Do not give your child extra items or toys. The last of them is just and they will forget something. Well, if the child lost something, it is worth scolding him right away.

But it’s not worth running right away and buying him new things. He should feel uncomfortable so that he can quickly understand that losing their things is not ok.

A small smart gadget that can remind you if a child has forgotten something can help.

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