How key tracker can to help your elderly parents find there lost items.

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While having to track down lost items for your elderly loved one might be a pain, nothing is worse than knowing something bad could happen.

This can be a scary fact to face, especially knowing that if it’s something like Alzheimer’s - like what the character Alice was diagnosed with - it only gets worse as more time passes. Luckily, there are things you can do to make both yours and their life much easier. Here, we are going to share some tips with you on ways you can help - from creating structured routines and simple lists to getting professional help from an experienced caregiver.

Make Lists

To help out your elderly loved one, try keeping lists of certain things to help them out. Write down everything from daily activities to shopping lists, and this will help serve as a visual cue and a reminder for what they need to do or get next. When each item is completed, it can simply be checked off.

Create Calendars

Calendars will help in a similar fashion as the lists, only showing future tasks as well. This will help your elderly loved one remember important dates such as doctor appointments, important meetings, when bills are due, and more.

Use a Journal

A journal can be a great way for you and you're elderly loved one to remember and keep up with everything they did that day. It can also help them to recall certain events and help you to make sure they did everything they needed to that day.

Buy Key Tracker

Lastly, buy them a key tracker which can serve as the best key finder or tracking device for just about any other lost item. With all of the technology that we have right at our fingertips today, there is no excuse to not have anti-lost devices for your elderly loved one. This will help them to feel less crazy, while also easing a lot of the stress on your end. Plus, if you attach one of these tracking devices to an item such as their wallet, it could even help you find them if they somehow wander off and get lost. There are a lot of benefits to having a smart tracker for your elderly loved one, so here is a list of our favorite key  tracker.

, it's dangerous.

And if it’s dementia or most specifically Alzheimer’s -- like what the character Alice was diagnosed with -- it will only get worse over the months and years to come. A medical professional should be consulted for a complete diagnosis.

There are many skills you can learn to help your parents, from creating structured routines and simple lists to asking for help from professional caregivers who are experienced in caring for those with memory loss and wandering. But when Mom or Dad starts getting lost, it’s time to act.

Lists are good reminder visual cues.

Keep lists of daily activities as well as those for shopping and other tasks. A list does not need to be extensive to be effective. A few items on a grocery list or a prompt on when to eat meals is all that is necessary. Mark off tasks as they are completed.

Create calendars.

Create a wall calendar for one-off tasks or weekly reminders that include such things as meetings, doctor’s appointments or when to mail the bills. Write legibly.

Journals are great.

Encourage your parents to journal or keep notes in a booklet on what he or she did during the day and then go over the activities.

Buy for them a key tracker

This day technology has evolved and there are many key trackers out there these devices will help ease the stress of your beloved parent and yours as well as they are built especially for these occasions, you can also attach the device to the wallet or the favorite belt of your parent so if the worse is happening and they themselves got lost the key tracker attached to there wallet or house keys or belt will help you find them is a shortlist of our favorite key tracker.

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