Living With Corona – Being Over 60 At Corona Times

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Coronavirus still pollutes the world. Hygiene and distance are important to further slow the spread of the coronavirus. For all risk groups, including older people, this means staying at home if possible - not only for their protection but also for the protection of others.

Spending this long time in your own four walls is a big challenge for everyone, but especially for the elderly. It can also be a stress test. It is not an easy situation for those who live with family elders at home. Protecting family elders is now very important.

Therefore we would like to give you valuable tips and suggestions on how to get through the situation well. Those who live with their parents at home and who want to help them in this difficult time should also read these suggestions carefully.

Adhere to a daily structure

Divide up the day consciously, even at home. Regulated processes, such as for breakfast, personal hygiene, or housework, are important to maintain a rhythm. This gives security and helps against stress. That doesn't just apply to older people. Those who actively plan and shape their everyday lives fight boredom and can prevent loss of control.


Maintain your social contacts via video telephony

Of course, many miss contact with younger family members. Telephoning, messenger, or email help you stay in touch with the surroundings and keep yourself busy despite the quarantine. We also strongly recommend using video telephony because seeing a familiar face is just as important as hearing a familiar voice. If possible, the conversations should be held positively, for example by asking each other what they were happy about today. This connection with the family and the circle of friends provides support.


Consume media in a conscious and targeted manner

Always being confronted with certain pictures and descriptions is not helpful, but stressful. Therefore, reduce your media consumption to a healthy level and stay away from scaremongering.


Train your mind and body

Exercise not only helps keep the body fit, but it also keeps the head and psyche healthy. Sport is also possible in a small space - there are many videos and training programs on the Internet especially for older people, which can be completed with the simplest of means.


But training our memory becomes more and more important as we get older. A fit head gives us the quality of life and prevents dementia. The Seniors Association has been offering the "head nuts" for years, which you can download and try out for free.

A smart tracker will be very helpful in your daily life during these periods when the concentration may be impaired. It allows you to easily find your keys or bag, saving you from unnecessary stress.

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Give each other space and avoid conflict and violence

When you live with other people, you must give each other the space they need to be able to be alone for at least a short time a day. Of course, tensions can also arise in this situation. Violence can have many faces, for example shouting, depreciating, ignoring, or even violent actions. If something bothers you, annoys, or worries you, please speak to it directly before conflicts arise.


Think positive and listen to your feelings

It is important to think positively in these challenging times. Concentrate on your strengths, positive memories, and experiences. It is also important to take time for your feelings and to talk about them with others. And please do not forget: the situation will pass and we will master it. So it also helps to plan activities that you want to do afterward and that you can look forward to.

We are Rinex key finder company sure that we must stick together and take care of each other now.

Stay healthy!

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