What Should We Do To Not Lose Our Car Keys?

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We lose or misplace things often enough in everyday life. It is particularly annoying if the key card is ever lost. Then panic quickly breaks out among car owners. In the excitement, some do not know how to behave in such a case. We give tips so that you are prepared in such a situation.

Car key lost - what to do?


In most cases, lost items can be found quickly. Nevertheless, someone may have deliberately stolen the cell phone, wallet, or key. Then the big trouble begins.

In many cases, the car key can be found quickly because it has only been misplaced. Sometimes you just left it in the car or leave it in the trunk, a spare key brought here quickly makes the little misery forget. However, if a car key is irretrievably lost, there is an urgent need for action. Then it is not enough to be satisfied with the spare key, because after all, a stranger could use the lost key to steal the car.

Notify the insurance company if the car key is lost

Most vehicles today have a radio remote control and an electronic immobilizer that can only be unlocked with the original key. A car key can therefore not be copied without great effort. As a rule, the replacement key and the vehicle are required for copying or teaching a car key. You also have to present the vehicle registration document and ID card.

If the car key is lost, this can cost the driver a lot of money. Duplicate key costs a lot of money. In addition, the car is often reprogrammed in the vehicle workshop.

It is absolutely necessary to re-encode all existing keys so that the lost car key is deactivated and no unauthorized person can drive away with the vehicle. It should be noted, however, that there is still the option of manually opening the door with the lost car key.

Therefore, it is important not to leave any valuables in the car. If a car key is lost, you should report the loss to the car insurance immediately, even if you still have a second key with which the car can be driven without any problems. If the car is stolen, it may be that the insurer only pays for the loss or damage to the vehicle to a limited extent. If there is any suspicion that the car key has been stolen, the police should also be reported.

Watch out for the keys!

It is often made very easy for crooks to get foreign car keys. In this way, they steal the key briefly in an unnoticed moment and then simply clone it. With the copy, you can open and steal the car unnoticed and without causing damage to the lock.

Tips To Protect You From Losing Your Car Keys

 Set A Special And Safe Area To Put Your Auto Keys

This classic method, which also works for the protection of other important keys, is also the safest option to protect the auto key. The security of the place you choose to put the key should be the subject you should pay attention to.


One of the biggest mistakes made in this regard is to store the auto key in the same place as other valuables. For example, trying to protect the key by adding it to the wallet or putting it in the handbag actually puts the key at greater risk without realizing it.

If you do not want your car key to be lost when your wallet is lost, you should not be wrong. You should be careful to keep your car key away from valuable items that may be of interest to thieves. You can use one of your private boxes or cabinets in your house to keep your keys and your inner pockets while you are mobile.

 Have A Spare Auto Key!

Just in case, having a spare key of your car will be very useful for emergencies. By doing this, you can save your car from being locked and you will have to be more careful not to lose your main key thanks to the extra bill you pay.


 Use Technology

You can use technology to find your car key easily. The key finder is one of the greatest conveniences of our time. If you use a smart tracker, key tracker, you can locate your key with the help of the App you will install on your phone immediately.

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