Refresh The Love On World Parent’s Day

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On World Parents Day, which has been celebrated on June 1st every year since 2013, everything revolves around parents. The aim of the day of action is to strengthen the responsibility of parents in matters of upbringing, but also to show them special appreciation.

How much parents do for the well-being of the community is lost in all discussions about mandatory kindergarten years and all-day school. It is the parents who impart moral values and norms to the children and thus make an important contribution. As different as families look, all parents in the world have one goal: They want to give their children a good start.

Story of Parents Day

On October 15, 2012, World Parents Day was proclaimed by the United Nations with the aim of showing respect to all parents around the world . World Parents' Day was celebrated for the first time in 2013 after the decision of the UN.

Children need their parents. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Due to the multiple burdens with jobs and children that families are exposed to, there is always overburden and perplexity. World Parents' Day is a day that is intended to create awareness that parents are supported and relieved in difficult situations.

Of course, one day a year is not enough for us to remember older parents. Our parents who have taken care of us over the years deserve more attention and love in their old age.

There may be a distance between us as we grow up with our parents, whom we felt insecure about whenever they were not with us when we were little children. Parent's day is a good opportunity to renew intimacy and love, even for a day.

How would you like to make them happy by spending time together and making surprises on this special day for parents?

We have a few suggestions for you to make your job easier.

Family Picnic

Wouldn't it be fun to organize a surprise party where you can gather as a family and have a barbecue for example? You can invite all close family members for this.

If you have a garden, it is perfect for organizing a family gathering.

Sport activity

If your parents love sports, you can join a trekking tour, rafting, or boat tour together.

Gifts that will make older parents happy


 A book is a great gift for many people. You can provide your parents with a pleasant time by gifting books suitable for their reading pleasure.

Gift basket

A gift basket containing popular drinks, chocolate, and small souvenirs is also a very suitable gift option.

Key finder

Today, everyone, young and old alike, complains of forgetfulness. Every day, we lose many of our belongings and get stressed while searching.

A key finder, which can be attached to our belongings such as keys, bags and can be controlled from our smartphone thanks to the key finder app, can also be a gift option that will make parents' daily life easier and happier. Such a smart tracker, helps them to feel safe.


You can book a spa hotel for your parents. Believe us a relaxing weekend in a spa hotel will be a very welcome present.

DIY gifts

The gifts you will prepare with your own hands will definitely be among the gifts that make the parents the happiest.

We can count a few examples such as a handcrafted pen holder, bookends, a picture frame that you can paint yourself. If you have a talent for this, many more ideas will come to your mind.

As the Rinex smart tracker family, we tried to give a few ideas that will keep your family safe and happy. Happy parents' day to all parents.

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