Rinex key finder is The Best Device for Locating Lost Items.

key finder

The lost keys of a car or home can be easily tracked via your smartphone. Rinex key finder can be easily attached to any item or luggage.

A user can easily attach Rinex device with keychain, purses and TV clickers in order to keep your items safe. A person is able to track his/her valuable items while on the go. Rinex helps you finding your lost key fob worth $200. The device can save you valuable money and can help you with locating our lost items.

Using Rinex Key Finder Device. 
A user has to attach the Rinex device with the item which needs to be tracked. Using the scan option or icon on the mobile app enables the user to easily connect with Rinex key finder. Triggering remote shutter in the mobile app helps in capturing the images of the intruder in case of theft. The anti-theft or lost alarm alerts the user when the item or product goes beyond the range. The alarm sound indicates the user that the item is beyond the 130 feet range of Rinex device. The flash or beep is triggered in both the smartphone and Rinex. 

The bidirectional finding functionality enables the user to find all the valuable items and his/her personal belongings. The app allows the user to view the location history of the object. If the connection is broken the Rinex key finder, a pushpin is activated on location map. The Rinex identifies you the location of the lost item. Activating the mute or do not disturb functionality will prevent triggering the alarm. Therefore, it is recommended for the user to avoid enabling the do not disturb or mute functionality.  

The device captures separate images of all the devices which have been connected with Rinex key finder.

The accessibility of the Rinex key finder device potentially assists users to find their lost items such as wallets. The Rinex key finder guides the user about the lost item such as phone or wallet.
Through its navigational guidance, a user can easily track the items and return to the lost position.

 This search is made through the Rinex app, which detects the lost item and reports it to the server. The server guides by sending the user notification about the location of the lost item. 

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