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Rinex Pet Tracker for your Dog - rinex key finder

A Loyal Family Member – Our Dogs

While some are isolated from their family or house community, for others a dog, just like a family member becomes the most loyal companion in these times. Yes, our dogs are really loyal family members.

Living with an animal can give people a lot of strength in the event of loneliness and prolonged isolation. Scientists have shown in numerous studies that pets are perceived by their owners as full family members. Pets meet basic human needs, such as the need for care and comfort. When petting a dog or a cat, human pulse and blood pressure calm down measurably. It is therefore no wonder that, especially in times of isolation, pets also play an important role for many.


Concern for pet corona transmission

With a few headlines, dog and cat owners keep worrying about whether their darling can get or transmit the corona virus. According to the several Food Safety and Veterinary Offices in different countries, there is no indication that the virus could be transmitted to humans: "There is no evidence that dogs, cats or other pets pose a risk of infection to humans or play a role in the spread of the virus, ". However, there is now evidence that animals can become infected with Sars-CoV-2.

But the risk that pets can be infected with the coronavirus is estimated to be very low. The SARS-CoV-2 records are individual cases that can rarely occur in close contact between animals and infected people.

Always Pay Attention To Hygiene Rules

However, experts point out the - already applicable - hygiene rules when dealing with pets. It is still advisable to wash your hands thoroughly after each contact. If you are infected yourself, you should avoid close contact with your pet, for example contact between the nose and mouth, close cuddling and sharing food.


Animal shelters in need

The shelters are of course also noticing the effects of the crisis. Because of the safety precautions, no visitors and helpers can come, there are fewer donations and hardly any mediations. People are worried about their economic situation, so there is no food or monetary donation. But the animals still have to be taken care of, the zookeepers hope that the state government will classify them as systemically important. Voluntary walkers are still welcome, but it is necessary to disinfect the leash for the handover, or even better, to have your own leash ready.

Protect your dog from dangers with Rinex Pet Tracker

We must also protect our dogs, who are loyal friends to us, from dangers. Dogs are playful animals. Especially the younger dogs. While running after a ball, they can go unconsciously out of the street or away from home. For example, they may go after something that interests them at the picnic and disappear.

The best way to protect your dog from all these dangerous situations is to attach a rinex pet tracker to his collar. So when they go to a certain distance from you or your home, the alarm will give you a warning, and thanks to the rinex smart tracker you can pinpoint where it is.

Thanks to this small but very important measure that we will take for our best friends our dogs, we ensure that they are safe.

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