Spring Time With Corona Pandemic

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The whole world has been thinking about how to prevent the corona epidemic for weeks. The environmental goal of all countries is to prevent the spread of the virus as quickly as possible.

Various measures were taken, such as limiting curfew, wearing masks, avoiding contact with too many people, and closing schools. Staying at home seems to be the best option, except for mandatory professions like doctors, medical staff, supermarket employees. By voluntarily isolating yourself from community life, you protect both yourself and others. Let's not forget that this is a temporary time and for our security. This is a problem that the whole world is experiencing now, and all the people of the world need to act in a common consciousness in the war with the pandemic.

A precaution that has been started recently concerns the world of the smart tracker. Many countries led by South Korea have started using smart trackers to slow down the corona epidemic, and some continue their preparations to start. Among these countries are Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Springtime and isolation

Spring has brought the beauty of nature to almost the entire world. Beautiful flowers, green grass, shining sun invites us to the streets. However, we need to show patience until the corona epidemic, which has not decreased in severity in the world, loses its effect.

Yes, going out, spending time in the parks, meeting friends can be very attractive. It is also natural to belong to the social contacts that people get used to. We, humans, are used to socializing. But the isolation we experience today means time and days to live with friends for many years.


There was no such pandemic in the world for many years. Therefore, it is quite natural that we do not know how to act. However, paying attention to hygiene rules, wearing masks in the markets and social isolation are simple measures that we can take individually.

Easter Day will be Celebrated in the world in a few days. You can also hold your hand quickly and gift a key tracker to protect your loved ones. It looks like we'll need smart trackers longer.

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And please remember, celebrate Easter holidays and other religious celebrations between your family until the corona epidemic is completely over. It may be difficult not to visit relatives and perhaps grandparents such as grandparents on these special occasions, but we need to be a little more patient.

Smart Trackers have started to take an important place in our lives with the developing technology. So much so that even during a world outbreak like corona, smart trackers are used. In recent years, we can say that it is one of the most useful tools that technology has brought us.

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As the Rinex Smart Tracker Team, we celebrate your upcoming Easter. Bring some peaceful days with your family. Stay healthy, stay at home.

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