What Is The Panic Button and Where Is It Used?

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What is the panic button and where is it used?
Why should you need a panic button? Let us explain you.

Most of us have elderly relatives at home or in the family. Especially the elderly who are alone for long periods or who live completely alone may encounter dangerous situations from time to time.

Emergency call and assistance systems for seniors provide security. They support older people in their everyday lives, warn of dangers, protect against the onset of dementia and automatically notify relatives or the emergency services in an emergency. In this way, they give the relatives of older people, in particular, a good feeling when they cannot be around.

Why Do Older People Need a Panic Button?

 Why do older people need a panic button?
Actually, it is easy to answer this question. Panic buttons are suitable for people who are still relatively active and mobile but want to prepare for an emergency. Although it is difficult for a person to accept aging, it is necessary to be ready for difficult moments that may occur.

There are several reasons for needing a panic button. Among the common problems faced by the elderly are:

  • To get lost
  • Losing their belongings
  • Home accidents
  • Accidents such as falling on the street

Getting lost or not being able to find your home while you are outside making both yourself and your family uneasy. You can get rid of this problem with the help of a smart tracker, which you can use as a panic button.

In addition, it is very common to lose belongings due to forgetfulness associated with old age. It is impossible to remember where items such as keys and bags were left.

In addition, if your elderly relatives have had an accident and have not contacted you for a long time, you can identify their location and help as soon as possible thanks to the panic button.

For all these problems, you can take advantage of a smart tracker, which acts as a simple and affordable panic button.

The solution to all your problems is in one tiny tool.

The emergency button or panic button for seniors is usually cleverly hidden and does not catch the eye of the casual observer. The transmitter is inconspicuous in a brooch or on clip-on clothing or bag. So you can carry it with you everywhere. So that the emergency call button can save seniors in all situations and they don’t have to stay at home all day long.

If your mother, father, or another elderly relative is late to come home, you no longer have to worry and spend fearful moments. With the Rinex smart tracker, you can locate older people easily with the help of your smartphone.

Apart from Rinex smart trackers' panic button function, you can also use it as a key finder, pet finder. Although it is a tiny tool, it is a useful tool that can solve many problems together. For more peaceful and safer days. For you, for your kids, and your elderly relatives.

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