What to do if your baggage is lost during the flight.

lost luggage

Statics reports that every 10 passengers face baggage loss

Out of 5%, baggage was lost forever. 18% during transportation. 70% still found their luggage, albeit with a delay.

Some tips on how to protect your luggage from a loss:

  • Pack your luggage carefully and so that things do not suffer from a fall.
  • Do not stuff the bag too much. There are different opinions on this. There is someone who says that it’s easy to cross suitcases.
  • Choose a suitcase with bright colors.
  • Remove the old tags from the suitcase.
  • Attach new tags with your phone.
  • Take essentials with you on the plane - money, medicine, and passports.
key finder

Use the GPS Tracker. It can easily track where your luggage is in case of loss. In addition, the device may report a loss if the luggage was forgotten.

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