Why A Personal Alarm Device Is Important For Alzheimer Patients?

Personal Alarm Device

Do you asking what does it mean a personal alarm device? In this article, we will explain how such an alarm system helps our older people with Alzheimer's.


Unfortunately, each of us becomes more forgetful as we age. Seniors in particular who suffer from dementia are in many situations without orientation in their everyday life and can remember less well. Whether for walks, shopping in the city, or visiting friends: Carefree and free movement is a basic need and is important for one's own independence.

Alzheimer's is a condition that can happen to any person. Yes, it can be difficult and sometimes dangerous for both the patient and his family and friends. For example, the disappearance of the patient, the inability to remember his home, inability to notify relatives in the event of an accident ... These examples can be increased. But if the disease has not progressed much, the person still does not have to be deprived of the freedoms such as short walks and shopping nearby. Especially when you have an assistant like a personal alarm device with you.

All that needs to be done is to make sure that the smart tracker device is with them when Alzheimer's patients go out alone. They can be put in their bags, or even worn on their wrists like a wristband or neck like a necklace if you fear the bag will disappear. Ultimately this could be an even safer measure. After all, the safety of our patients' relatives is the most important issue. In this way, you will prepare a personal panic button system and prevent dangerous events from happening to them.

These smart trackers, which are very practical to use, will help the elderly who have difficulties with technology without overwhelming. Their only job is to have the smart tracker with them. You, the people who take care of the patient, will do the rest. Because although technology develops every day and different products are introduced to the market, elderly people may have difficulties in using them. So, how simple a product means, the more ease of use.

Advantages of a Bluetooth tracker

The most useful function of a Bluetooth tracker is that you will be warned with a notification on your phone when you leave a marked object. If you set up a network of tags on your remote, keys, dog, or purse, you can find all of these. Additional devices that sync with the tags should also allow your family to find the TV's buttons or remote control relatively quickly.

Bluetooth trackers are relatively cheap, with no additional monthly fees.

Most Bluetooth trackers use very little power. The battery lasts about a year and then needs to be replaced.

Bluetooth trackers can be as small as a coin and as thin as a credit card. The idea is that you can keep an eye on your keys or wallet without adding an extra burden to your daily necessities.

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