How to use Rinex key finder -Tracking manual 

 Download the app "itrack easy" from the app store, or from google play.

Step 2: Turn on your Bluetooth 

Step 3: Sign up as a new user and start your smart tracker  easy app 

Step 4: Pair the smart tracker  to your phone.

Find my phone via smart tracker app: when your phone is connected to the smart tracker hold the button on your smart tracker device and your phone will make a sound.

find your smart tracker via your phone: when your smart tracker is connected to the app just open the smart tracker app and press on the ring icon.



Rinex tracker - Network search

When the smart tracker is “mark as lost”, it will send Beacon signal.

When other user passes by and scans the Beacon signal, the GPS location will be sent to you.


Rinex - Smart anti-lost

The phone and your smart tracker device will both sound alarm if

disconnected with the phone. Separation alarm.


Say Goodbye to touch to take a photo.

The button on the smart tracker device also doubles as a camera

remote shutter.


Support cloud sync, avoid iTrack data loss

End to End encryptedprotect data and user privacy

iTrack App will synchronize the smart tracker list automatically

from the cloud after you login into the App.

The data will save in the cloud, even if you replace new

phone or uninstall the App.


Rinex - Key Finder item. 

smart tracker

Click the "ring" button to make your key finder beep and flash to know where it is.

Siri to ring your key tracker.  Use the Siri shortcut to ring your key finder.

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